About Us

T’S Blends is an online boutique for teas and tea infused
bath and body products curated with selfcare and wellness in mind. Our products
are made from the earth’s natural ingredients that are clean, fresh, and safe.

Our Vision & Mission

About The Founder

My name is Tanya, I am a nurse entrepreneur with over 13 years experience as a Registered Practical Nurse and business owner of Diversity Foot Care for over 8 years. It is my passion to continue to help people in their everyday life whether it be in a big or small way. My curiosity for learning more about teas has led me on this path to opening T’S Blends where I can share my creativity, knowledge and handcrafted blends of teas and bath & body products that are natural and healthy.
As a nurse I am very well familiar with care giver burnt out and have seen over the years how easy it is for one to forget about your self care needs to be productive and healthy. How easy it is to put off “I will start exercise tomorrow,” “I will eat healthier next week,” “I will have a me day next month.” We have all been there. Most times it is the small steps that set you up for a positive holistic journey. So having that perfect cup of tea before your day starts or ends, or simply nurturing your skin with botanicals and aromas that awaken your senses is a step in the right direction for your selfcare needs.