Womens Health

Women's Health 

Women take on many jobs inside and outside their home.  Most began their day with getting the kids ready for school, getting ready for work, making lunches, bringing the children to school, going to work, picking up the children from school, making dinner, getting the kids ready for bed, getting yourself ready for bed, putting the kids to sleep and finally to bed yourselves.  It can be exhausting, not to mention we do this when we also feel under the weather every month.  So here are a few tips that may help with your menstruation pain to get you through the week.

  1. Apply heating pad to abdomen and lower back helps to relax tense muscles.
  2. Avoiding certain foods that may cause gas or bloating around the time of menstruation such as fatty foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages, salty foods and or caffeine. Listen to your body and pay attention to the food you eat and your body’s reaction after you eat.
  3. Herbal Teas T’S Blends Menstruation Tea contains Ingredients that focus   on pain such as Calendula petals, Fennel seed which may decrease pain and inflammation its a sweat, floral blend of herbs formulated to soothe menstruation cramps and aches. LINK
  4. Exercise seems like a daunting task for someone who is already tired and not feeling well, but it helps especially starting a few days before your period starts. Exercise releases the endorphins in the body to reduce pain.

Tips to reduce fatigue and improve mood is by keeping your hormone balance.

  1. Healthy diet, reduce sugar intake.
  2. Exercise
  3. Take power naps in the day.
  4. Regular routine bedtime schedule
  5. Meditation or hobbies to reduce stress.

Improving your hormonal balance can reduce stress, provide more energy, and focus and improve sleep at night. Our new Women’s balance tea is made with Vitex berries which may decrease period symptoms such as bloating, breast tenderness and mood swings, regularity, and length of menstrual cycle. Great to have prior to your menstrual cycle. LINK


(All information provided on T’S Blends Website is for informational purpose only, always consult your Doctor when taking any herbal supplements or for medical advise.)